Double Diamond Slot from IGT

International Game Technology (or IGT) are responsible for some of the most advanced slots that you’ll find in live casinos – as well as online. Double Diamond is not one of them! This game is for those players who love the traditional slot experience. It has 3 reels, a single win-line and plays for just a single coin.

When you see this slot online it is hard not to be impressed by the way that IGT has recreated the traditional electro-mechanical game. Everything from the curvature of the reels to the retro sounding bleeps when the reels spin are faithfully reproduced.

This page gives you a review of the Double Diamond slot. If you want to take a trip back in time and play one of the most popular games of an era before video slots became the norm – then I recommend you take IGT’s Double Diamond for a spin.


Game Play of Double Diamond by IGT

Double Diamond slot IGTThe layout if this slot is dominated by the Double Diamond logo (in pink) with the 2 bright gems side by side below. The white reels are below that – taking up the majority of the screen. You can’t fail to notice the blue rectangle to the left hand side which simply says ‘pay-line’. There is a line going through the center of the reels connected to this.

All this marks Double Diamond as a no-nonsense game – you either line up the symbols on the pay-line, or you don’t. This is confirmed when you look below the reels, and see that your only option for the 1 coin per spin only setup is how big that coin should be. This will vary depending on the casino from around 50c and up.

There are a couple of interesting aspects to the game play. First the ‘Double Diamond’ logo on the reels (a light blue oval) has the effect of doubling any win which it becomes a part of. As a ‘wild’ symbol this will substitute for any of the other symbols to create wins. This logo also brings the single biggest prize. If you line up 3 on a win-line then you will receive 1000 coins – not at all bad for a 1 coin spin.

The other symbols on the reels are very much the traditional ones from the days when slots were mechanical. These include 7’s, bar symbols (1, 2 and 3 bars) and cherries.

Payouts for the Double Diamond Slot

The nature of 3 reel slots means that not every spin results in 3 symbols hitting the pay line. When the symbols do line up, you’ll find some big prizes are possible. Remember that a win with a wild symbol in this game is doubled, and 2 wild symbols mean that you will receive 4x the listed prize.

The smallest prize is for just 1 cherry anywhere on the win-line, this pays 2x your bet 0 with 5x for 2 cherries and 10x for 3. There is also a smaller prize for any 3 mixed bar symbols – this is 5x your bet.

Larger prizes start with the bars, the 1-bar pays 10x for 3, the 2 bar pays 25x and the 3-bar 40x. Hitting these with one or more of the wild Double Diamond logos can lead to a nice windfall.

Three of the red 7’s is worth 80x your bet – with only the 1000x for 3 of the Double Diamond logos above this.

Double Diamond – Is it Worth a Spin?

This is a very simple game, though it does have a certain retro charm. While there are many people who prefer these 3 reel games to the more elaborate video slots – for most of us this game is more of a historical curiosity. What it does do well is demonstrate the solid game play which underpins the more elaborate video slot games which are dominant today.

I think that Double Diamond should be tried at least once by every slots fan. This is a simple yet entertaining game, and will serve as a reminder of the richness of slots history too.