No Download Online Casinos

Play Real Money Casino Games in your Browser

It was not so many years ago that no-download casinos were the exception – rather than the rule. Nowadays you can enjoy the slots and table games of most online casinos directly through your browser without the need to download any software. What  changed is the reliability of networks, and both the hardware and software of our machines. It is not just computers which can enjoy no-download casinos – this is the preferred method of enjoying games via mobile devices too.

You might be surprised to find out just how many types of games are available without a download. The simple table games are just the tip of the iceberg. These days you can enjoy complex and entertaining video slots, live dealer table games and much more.

You’ll find an explanation of the technology behind no-download online casinos first of all below. After that the pros and cons of this new game access method compared to the old model is looked at. You will then find recommendations for no download casinos for US players and non-US players after that.


Pros and Cons of No-Download Online Casinos

Instant play casino gamesFrom the perspective of the player the key benefit of no-download casino is the increase in choice. You’ll often get 400+ games at an online casino instead of 150. These can be access via a single account. Another advantage is the innovation and progress in games which the move to no-download games has created. The big software houses have a lot more competition from smaller and hungrier business – and have had to up their game as a result. The pace of innovation in the last few years has been amazing.

Cons include some compatibility issues. There are still some casinos which only use Flash, making it difficult for Apple users to enjoy their games. Not all of the games which were created for downloadable casinos have been moved over in-browser play as yet.

No-download games on mobile devices add another layer of complexity. While many games have been created or adapted with mobile play in mind – many have not. What you’ll find is miniature versions of the originals, which can be fiddly to play. If you are looking to enjoy real money no-download games on your phone or tablet, then I recommend testing the games for play money first.

Recommended No-Download Casinos

#1 – For US Based Players

Bovada casino offer the most games of any US-Friendly casino – with titles from RealTime Gaming, Rival Gaming and BetSoft all available. They do have an old-style windows download – though you can access the majority of their titles via your browser. These are cross-device compatible. Bovada has a selection of mobile slots from BetSoft, which work without a download in your phones’ browser window. These include many amazing 3D titles.

#2 – For Non-US Players

Outside of the US you have a huge choice of casinos. To take maximum advantage of no-download games, I recommend 888 Casino. This popular and long-running brand has a casino that includes games from many of the leading software houses (including the different jackpots from each) – as well as some unique games. Almost all of these games are available without a download – meaning you’ll be able to get playing them in minutes.

Technology and History – The Move from Software Downloads to Non-Download Casinos

From the very first online casino from MicroGaming in 1996 until around 5 years ago, most casinos required a download to run. You’d take the client which held the ‘game engine’ and graphics onto your PC. This meant that the information needed across the internet was just the random deal (or spin) info and information on your credit balance. With (relatively) slow old networks this was a smart way of minimizing the lags that would occur with graphics transfers.

What this also meant is that you were tied in to one casino or software type. Switching casinos involved downloading new software – which created a barrier to this switching. This allowed a small number of big casino software houses such as PlayTech, RealTime Gaming and MicroGaming to dominate the market.

Early in-browser games were not stable or particularly smooth. These were based on Flash. While Flash developed over the years into a reliable and useful resource, the early version was not great. Unstable casino games are not viable, a site crashing just as you are dealt a hand or entering a slot jackpot bonus game is enough to put anyone off.

More recently, in-browser games have become a lot smoother and more reliable. These now work using HTML5, Java and / or the newer and better versions of Flash. Some mix these technologies. Since Apple products do not support Flash without a plug-in, many casinos will detect the machine and use the appropriate tech without the user being aware.

With casinos free from having to choose a single type of software for download, they are now able to offer many more games. Some casinos have a single software type as their main focus – and then allow slots from many other software houses on top. The best casinos are now collecting 100’s of the best games from different providers. This has allowed smaller niche software houses to create slots and games. Just a few good titles is enough to be included in the selection of no download games for some big name casinos.