Real Money Craps

Playing Craps Online for Real Money

In a live casino you can usually hear where the craps tables are located. These are the scene of whoops and cheers as the table collectively rakes in the chips. This is one of the oldest games in the casino – with roots going all the way back to the dice games of the Crusades. There are a lot of different bets, divided into two separate periods. Some of these bets have the lowest house edge of any casino game, while others have a very high house edge (sucker bets). To enjoy the real money craps games you’ll need to understand the sequence of play, the right bets to pick and the unique etiquette of the game too.

Playing real money craps online allows you to enjoy the thrill of those winning sequences, become acquainted with the different bets and develop some patterns and strategies of your own. This is an entertaining enough pastime of its own, though has the extra benefit that you will gain valuable experience to take with you to the live casino should you wish to.

This page is a complete guide to online craps games for real money. First of all below, the mechanics of a typical online craps game are covered – including the main bets. After that some of the side bets and other variations are looked at. Not all casino software includes craps games, and I look at the best options for US players below. Finally the important role that bonuses and rewards play in your overall returns from online craps games is discussed.


How to Play Real Money Craps Online

Craps table and diceThe craps game is divided into 2 rounds. The first is the ‘come out’ round – here the shooter (person rolling the dice) sets a number known as the point. This is then used in the point round (or odds round) which follows.

Most people bet on the ‘Pass line’ during the come out round. This pays out at even money if the shooter rolls 7 or 11 in total on the 2 dice. If this total is 2, 3 or 12 then pass line bets lose. Any other number becomes ‘the point’. Once a point is set the shooter continues to roll, with totals equal to the point paying out even money on the pass line bet. If a total of 7 occurs during the point round then the bet loses.

The house edge for the pass line bet is 1.41%, which is incredibly low compared to other games. There is a bet which is the opposite of the pass line – called the don’t pass. This has an even smaller edge (at 1.36%) and can be played online. I would not advise playing the don’t pass in a live craps game. This is because when you win the rest of the players will be losing – which does not always go down too well!

During the point round you can bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice with no house edge taken from your bet. This is known as ‘taking the odds’. You will only be able to make bets of 2x your pass line bet in this way – and can bet on combinations of numbers as well as individual scores.

Side Bets in Real Money Craps Games

There are plenty of betting variations over and above the core bets covered above. These include bets on individual numbers, groups of numbers and bets known as ‘hard-way’ which involve the same number being rolled on both dice.

Some of these bets have big odds – for example betting on 2 and 12 (both requiring doubles) can pay up to 30-to-1 on your money. These types of bets have a house edge closer to 3%. While this is not extreme (is compares well to some side bets in other table games), there is still a significant difference compared to the low edge of the base game.

By sticking to the pass line and then taking true odds on scores once the point round begins, you can get the full enjoyment of a craps game without giving an unnecessary edge to the casino.

Which Casino Software Features Real Money Craps Games?

For US players the best known real money craps game is created by RealTime Gaming. This software house license their games and slots to 100’s of US friendly casinos which are based in offshore locations from where they legally offer real money casino games.

RTG produce some of the smoothest and most attractive looking table games of any software house, and the craps game is no exception. This has a distinctive look to the felt, and will help you learn the betting by only allowing the right bets for each round of the game.

Outside of the US, I would recommend finding a casino which features the software of PlayTech. This is one of the oldest casino software producers – with a big portfolio of professionally produced table games. Their craps game is no exception and includes some very sharp  graphics.

Online Craps and Casino Bonuses

The low house edge of craps games make this a great candidate for clearing casino bonus offers. What you will need to watch out for is how each casino ‘weights’ the wagers made at the craps table when it comes to bonus clearance. Almost all casinos have systems where the lower house edge games only count at 50% or 25% towards your bonus – this protects them from abuse and allows them to offer regular players better deals.

If you check the fine print of any welcome bonus offer before you sign up you will find this percentage. The second piece of information which goes alongside this is the total wager through requirement. This can range from 20x your total deposit and bonus amount to 40x or even higher. When you find a high percentage contribution and a lower wager-though total then you will know your casino is craps friendly.

Finally, make sure you check the ongoing rewards and bonuses offered by your casino. Welcome bonuses usually catch the eye – though if you enjoy the games over time then it is the loyalty rewards and promotions which will have the bigger effect on your bankroll.