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Mixed Martial Arts and in particular the UFC has exploded in recent years to become one of the premier sports on the planet. This rise has seen a huge increase in the gambling turnover of the sport, as superstars such as Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor become household names both in and out of the Octagon. The action in the cage is fast and frenetic, making for a sport where you might see those winning bets pay out in the blink of an eye, as in no time at all one of the two fighters will be standing over the other, arms raised in the air.

Betting on MMA

One of the most popular bets on Mixed Martial Arts is the match bet (or the money line bet). This is simply a wager on which of the two fighters you think will win an individual fight – this is whether the fighter has earned a stoppage or if it goes to the judges’ scorecards. The odds on the fight will vary based upon how favored one of the two fighters is. A strong favorite might have odds of -800, meaning that you’ll have to bet $800 to win just $100, while their opponent might have odds of +600, meaning a $100 wager will win you $600. The more matched the fight is, the better odds you’ll receive on the favorite.

The other most popular market is the over and under, which is based upon how long the contest will last. The majority of 3 round fights will usually list odds for over and under 2.5 rounds, meaning you’re effectively betting on whether the fight will go the distance or not. This number can vary however and the odds will shorten on the under the more one-sided the fight is expected to be.

Alternate Bets on MMA

If you’re looking for slightly longer odds than found at the money line or the over and under, you might want to place a bet on which round the fight will finish, or even name both the winning fighter and the round that the bout will be completed. The method of victory is also another MMA wager, where you’ll choose both the winning fighter and whether they’ll win by a KO, a submission or on points.

With a number of fights taking place on a particular night, many enjoy Parlay betting on a series of MMA fights. This is a much riskier betting strategy as all of the selections have to win and it can be particularly heartbreaking if just one fighter lets you down, but the rewards are certainly there. When placing a Parlay, each subsequent winning selection sees the entire stake and profit placed on the next selection and these numbers become larger the more selections you make.

The larger the fight, the more wagering options you’ll have and this is especially the case when it comes to the UFC. A big fight might see an upsurge in the range of markets offered by a sportsbook – with alternate under and overs offered, whether a fighter will win with a unanimous decision and what round the fight will end. Some sportsbooks will even offer props based upon which fight will be named the official ‘Fight of the Night’ by UFC, with ‘Submission of the Night’ and ‘Knockout of the Night’ odds also available in places.

Betting on MMA with an Edge

One popular consensus when betting on an individual fight is to steer clear of the heavy favorites, especially if they are one of the more well-known, popular fighters. A large amount of public money will be placed on these favorites and this can lead to the line being skewed, meaning that the favorite will be underpriced, whilst you’ll gain longer odds than you should on his opponent. This can be a great time to pounce and you’ll be getting nice long odds too.

You should certainly shop around for the best lines you can. Check out all of the sportsbooks as a small increase in the odds you’re receiving will certainly add up in the long run and could be the difference between you being a winner or loser when betting on Mixed Martial Arts. In the same vein, make sure you make the best use of those Sports Betting bonuses offered by the sites – the biggest and best bonuses are available when first signing up and these can have a huge impact on your profitability.

You should certainly pick your fights. There is no need to bet on every single fight and being selective will certainly improve your bottom line. When studying an upcoming fight it pays to know as much about both fighters as you can – a simple look at the win/loss record is nowhere near enough. Use sites such as and for information about particular fighters and this will give you a good start, but nothing beats actually watching the fighters in action. Head to a streaming site (YouTube being the obvious example) and look at the last two or three fights for each fighter and this can really give you an edge, as you might spot a particular strength or weakness that might not be obvious to all.

Some people will bet blindly on the same fighter, whoever they face. This is a disastrous gambling strategy, as you’re only ever seeing one side of the story. Make sure you know exactly how good each of the fighters is – otherwise you might be in for a nasty shock when they have that unexpected loss.

Best Sportsbooks for MMA Betting

BetOnline is a recommended site for your MMA betting. They post the odds early and these are competitive all the way up until the action begins – the range of fights offered much more impressive than many rival sites. Betway follow the same lead with a nice range of fights to pick from, as well as multiple markets on each of the upcoming fights, all at very competitive odds. 5Dimes is perhaps the most impressive of all however, with good competitive odds, a wide range of betting options and some innovative prop betting on the big UFC nights.

Gambling Guide to MMA Conclusion

Mixed Martial Arts is a rising force when it comes to gambling with more and more people becoming involved year on year. Spend some time studying each fight, be selective, ensure you are receiving those best odds and make the best use of those bonuses and you’ll be several steps ahead of the majority of MMA gamblers. Furthermore, you’ll be all set to give those sportsbooks a run for their money and there is no reason why it won’t be them giving you money at the end of the year!